Grill LED Light

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Cook outside well into the night with this bright LED grill light. Constructed of ABS, this mini flashlight is rain resistant and heat resistant up to 518 degrees Fahrenheit, making it durable and long-lasting. Light up any area of the grill at any level of brightness with its 36Oå¡ rotation and capacitive touch light adjustment button featuring four light settings. Easily clamp this lifesaving tool to any object ranging from 10mm to 45mm thick with the included screwdriver and instruction insert. Illuminate your grilling experience.

Key Features

  • bright LED light (10 F5 LEDs) illuminates grill workspace in the dark
  • capacitive touch light adjustment button with 4 light settings
  • 360è_ rotation
  • clamp attaches to any object ranging from 1O mm to 45 mm thick
  • screwdriver and instruction insert both included
  • rain resistant and ABS heat resistant up to 518è_ F (270è_ C)

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